We are here to help you keep your data secure

We consider that it's our priority to keep your data secure.

Illustration showing security applied on a document
Illustration showing security by design documents collection.
Maximum security

Secure by design

Collect has been designed from the foundation to be secure.
Your data and documents are encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure maximum security. Additionally, we are following the security best practices and guidelines to warrant a best-of-class standard.

Access control

Grant the right access to your users

It's crucial to control what your users can and can't do with the data and documents they are collecting. Collect enables you to control who can access each campaign and request, and what kind of permissions they have for each one.

Illustration showing how to set up granular access rights
Illustration showing the audit trail of a document request
Compliance audit

Ensure compliance with audit trail

Keep track of every past and present activities for each request with a complete and detailed audit trail.
We are logging a broad range of activities for each request to help you stay compliant and auditable.

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