Document collection

The easiest way to automate your document collection.

Do you need to request documents from your clients to onboard them? Collect will help you streamline this tedious process.

Illustration showing the different steps of a document collection
Illustration showing a list of documents requested
Document collection

Give clear instructions to your clients

Collect helps you reduce counterproductive back-and-forth with your clients about document collection by listing all the documents requested.
For each file requested, you can provide clear instructions and define your restrictions (ex: type of files uploaded, maximum file size,...).

Document collection

Embrace today's technology to collect document.

Tired of forms and emails that limit documents upload to few mb? So we are! Our document portal accepts large files (up to 2Gb) and allows your clients to use their camera to take photos of the documents when they are on their smartphone.

Illustration showing our modern file uploader
Illustration showing secure file upload

Keep your client's documents safe

Thanks to Collect, you will stop sending sensitive documents over email.
Your clients can securely connect to their client portal and upload their documents. They are encrypted, stored in a safe place, and access is strictly controlled.

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