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The easy to use secure portal to collect and manage client documents.

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Who is it for?

A flexible solution for various types of businesses

Losing time chasing documents and data is unfortunately not specific to an industry.
That's why Collect is loved by all types of professionals.

Client onboarding / KYC

Get business documents to start working with new clients.

Real estate agent

Retrieve and organize complete files from tenants and potential buyers

Mortgage broker

Improve your process so you can send proposals faster and make more business


Automate your student's and teacher's enrollments.

Human ressources

Get W-4 and legal documents of your new employees

Immigration consultant

Simplify your process and deliver a good experience to your clients

Event manager

Get the presentation from your speakers on time and without stress

Digital agency

Get digital assets from your clients to finish your job on time

Be more productive

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes and start collecting documents and data from your clients. Requests are sent automatically to your clients, you can control the type of documents they are uploading, customize forms and you get notified when the job is done.

Collect is doing the tedious job of chasing documents and data for you.

Illustration showing a white label client portal
Illustration showing a white label client portal

Offer a high-end experience to your clients

You can personalize the look and feel of your client portal and the communications sent to your clients. Add your logo, customize color themes and choose your preferred language.

Optionnaly, Collect is also available as a full white-label service. Your client portal will then be hosted on a sub-domain like

Keep your workflow secured

Security is one of our main concerns at Collect. We invest a lot so we can offer you the best security standards and make sure that your data will stay safe and private.

All data and documents are encrypted at rest and in motion. Data access is strictly controlled and monitored.

Illustration describing the security workflow

Collect works seamlessly with the tools you use

alt="Illustration showing the integration between Collect and other SaaS like Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot, Dropbox,..."

Collect is the perfect companion of the tools you are using on a daily basis and helps you streamline your process. You can connect Collect to your own tools using our REST API and get notified of various events using our webhooks.

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