Product updates
June 29, 2021

4 product updates designed to improve your customer onboarding process

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Product updates
June 29, 2021

4 product updates designed to improve your customer onboarding process

Ever since we have launched, Collect’s product updates have always been exclusively announced to our community. Now with a growing base of fans we thought it was about time that we announced our updates to the public.

Here at Collect, we are always dedicated to making sure your client onboarding process is as smooth as it needs to be. That’s why in our latest update, we have rolled out new features that help you to customize and take control of your client onboarding process.

Multi Page Portal

Up until now all the elements in a client portal were displayed in a single page. It was not a big deal, if the process was relatively short. But the portal could become very long when the process gets longer and complex.

To simplify we have added the option to break down your portal into pages.

In the left sidebar, we have also included a menu with a progress bar to help your clients track their progress and jump from one page to another.

Multi page client portal

Text blocks

As part of our effort to help you customize the process, we have included text blocks as part of this update to help you customize your message to your customers.

Our intuitive editor allows you to smoothly integrate hyperlinks and images into your messages to your clients. Not to mention, personalizing your message to your clients can be simply done with the help of variables. Just type your message and add the variables where you need it to be.

Text blocks to customize client portal

Custom Status

Our current request statuses may limit you since not all businesses have the same process. You want to label your request status as you deem fit for your business.

That’s why we have enabled custom naming for the request status to help you out.

Simply go to the settings sections and add all of your custom statuses. Then, you can easily change the request status in both the campaign dashboard and the request itself.

Moreover, now you can use these custom statuses to customize your campaign metrics.

It’s as easy as that.

Custom status

Change request order

By default, your requests in the campaign have been sorted by date.

You can now easily change the way the requests are displayed in the campaign dashboard by clicking on the “more section” in your campaign and choose custom display from the dropdown menu to change the way it displays according to your preferences.

What’s next?

If you’re excited about our latest update so far, wait till you check out our latest product roadmap.

We have some big things to announce.

Since our aim is to position Collect as the best and leading client portal for Sales and CSM to onboard new clients ; we’re committed to build new features that help us to get there faster.

This includes,

Multiple contributors for the same portals

We know that not all projects and processes are made the same. Some projects and situations might require inputs from different internal and external contributors in the same portal itself.

We are working to enable just that.

Shared action plan

B2B onboarding process often implies assigning tasks and next steps to your customers and to your team members. With this plan, everyone will be on the same page, and you will be able to easily track the progress.


Wouldn’t it be nice when your clients can sign the documents and contracts directly on the client portal itself.

We are currently working to enable e-Signature in our portal.

To offer the best experience and compliance for you and your clients we are working with key players in the industry. Expect an update from us this summer.

Let us know if you have any feedback on these new features or on our roadmap.

Alex Delivet