Product updates
July 9, 2024

S1 2024 recap: Exciting new features and future plans

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Product updates
July 9, 2024

S1 2024 recap: Exciting new features and future plans

As we look back at the first half of 2024, it's amazing to see the progress we've made. We've made improvements across our platform, making it more secure, user-friendly, and integrated than ever. Here’s a quick review of the major updates we've rolled out and a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

Boosting Security and Usability

Security has been a big focus. We added new features like IP restriction and two-factor authentication (2FA) with one-time passwords (OTP). These updates make sure that only authorized people can access accounts. We also made it possible for admins to enforce 2FA for all users, adding an extra layer of protection.

On the usability side, we revamped our campaign settings section to make it easier to navigate. This redesign helps you find and manage your campaign settings quickly and easily. Plus, our new review mode makes it a breeze to view images and play embedded videos, making the review process smoother and faster.

Better Integrations and Workflow

We’ve made big strides in improving integrations with CRM platforms like HubSpot and Pipedrive. Now, you can push form-collected data back to your CRM and update deal and ticket statuses based on changes in Collect. This means your CRM data is always up-to-date and your workflow is seamless.

We’re also excited to announce our new cloud storage integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and SharePoint. You can now easily sync your files to the folders of your choice and at the times that suit you best. These updates help keep your files organized and easily accessible, making your workday more efficient.

What's Coming Next

Looking ahead to Q3 and Q4, we’re excited to announce a major update that includes a new type of element: tasks. This will let you create Mutual Action Plans and onboarding plans for your customers at scale, helping you manage customer relationships more effectively.

We're also focusing on enhancing integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive,  Zapier and more! Our goal is to keep improving these connections to make them even more powerful and user-friendly.

As we move forward, we’re committed to delivering top-notch solutions that meet your needs today and prepare you for tomorrow. The updates in S1 2024 have set a strong foundation, and we can’t wait to share more exciting developments with you. Stay tuned for more updates and keep sharing your feedback with us.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

The Collect team

Alex Delivet