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Report abuse

Collect has been created to help businesses collect documents and information from their client. If you believe malicious people are trying to divert it to another way, you can report it for abuse.

What are the different kinds of abuse?


We don’t allow the user to share, publish or collect any kind of content with nudity or sexually explicit content. We don’t allow pornographic content of any kind and have a zero tolerance policy towards children exploitation.

2Promotion of hate, violence or illegal activities.

We condemn any type of content that promote violence, hate or illegal activities. Discrimination (based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation) is not allowed on the platform.

3Spam and phishing.

We don’t allow our users to use our solution to spam or try to impact recipients with suspicious content. We don’t allow neither to use our solution to do phishing.

If you have received emails from use that you consider suspicious, report spam and abuse.

What do you do in case of abuse?

All suspicious account will be immediately terminated and we will report the owner to law enforcement.