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How to prevent your emails to go to the spam folder?

Sending your emails directly to the main inbox is one of our biggest challenge. We are taking spam very seriously and all suspicious account will be immediately blocked in order to maintain a high deliverability for all our users.

By using Collect, you are responsible for sending authentic emails and following all relevant spam laws. Our system is monitoring your emails to make sure you are not sending spam. In case of infringement your account may be blocked with or without notice.

The goal of Collect’s users must be to collect documents and information from all the clients they sent request to.

Don’t use Collect to do survey with a very low response rate.

General advice for emails:

  • Never send a request to people you are not in business relationship or who are not waiting for your request.
  • Avoid spammy-sounding content
  • Keep your email content clean and simple
  • Make sure your recipients’ lists were properly collected
  • Personalize your emails and make them more personal using variable